Testimonials as seen on Linkedin

Title: Land Manager

Company: Oxbow

Phil Nicoll
Production Manager at New Zealand Petroleum & Minerals

As the Engineering Manager at Gunnison Energy, I worked closely with Brett on a number of land / landowner and regulatory (BLM) issues. I know the landowners he dealt with respected him as did the BLM officials we were dealing with on numerous unitization issues. Brett was always very helpful and always got things done quickly. He is also very self-motivated and results driven.

July 24, 2013, Phil worked with Brett A. at Oxbow

  1. Title: Sr. Landman

    Company: The Anschutz Corporation

    Linda Hancock
    Lease Analyst at Gasco Energy, Inc.

    Brett is one of the best landmen in the business. He is a leader who willingly accepts and successfully completes any project. Brett has great people skills and earns the respect and trust of those he works with. Working with Brett was a great learning experience and a complete privilage.

    February 12, 2012, Linda worked directly with Brett A. at The Anschutz Corporation

    Pam Lovato
    Sr. Landman at Kodiak Oil & Gas, Inc.

    Brett Murray is an efficient, knowledgeable, detail-oriented Landman. He has a superior work ethic and works well with the public and his peers. I enjoyed working with Brett during my time at Anschutz and found him to be an excellent Landman.

    February 10, 2012, Pam worked directly with Brett A. at The Anschutz Corporation

    Randy Fraley
    --Sr Landman, CPL

    Working with Brett was a real pleasure as he was a very sharp hard working Landman that had a great professional attitude and good land skill-sets. Always helpful and willing to listen & learn new things. He also brings creative common sense to the table in order to solve complex problems. With his good communication and landman skills he is able to properly negotiate...more

    February 7, 2012, Randy managed Brett A. indirectly at The Anschutz Corporation

    Brian G. Cribari, RPL
    Landman at Anschutz Exploration Corporation

    Brett is very knowledgeable in regards to leasing, surface use contracts, purchase agreements and JOA's. He is a diligent worker, gets along with everyone in the office and would be an asset to any team he worked on or managed.

    December 14, 2011, Brian G. worked directly with Brett A. at The Anschutz Corporation

    Eric Ocwieja
    Team Lead - Land - California at Occidental Petroleum Corporation

    Brett did twice the work of any of his colleagues in a more effective, accurate manner. He handles stress with poise and is great under pressure. His ability to deal with landowners and professionals further sets him apart as a one of a kind individual and Landman. Wherever he works will benefit from his aptitude and work ethic.

    August 13, 2011, Eric reported to Brett A. at The Anschutz Corporation

  2. Title: Land Manager

    Company: Sundance Energy, Inc.

    Knute H Lee Jr
    Owner/KHL Inc

    Brett is a young phenom-
    Incredible skills, initiative-
    Good values-
    Gets things done-

    November 30, 2010, Knute H worked with Brett A. at Sundance Energy, Inc.

    Clayton Easley
    Independent Landman, agent for Lonewolf Energy, Inc.

    I had the pleasure of working with Brett a couple of years ago doing title research for him. He is a very smart Land Manager, was easy to work with and he is highly motivated. Brett would be a great addition to any land project and I would love to work with/for him at anytime in the future. I have no doubt that he will continue to be very succesful in anything he does.

    October 23, 2010, Clayton worked indirectly for Brett A. at Sundance Energy, Inc.

    Duff Howard
    Supply manager at Texon LP

    Brett represents the high standards, both professionally and personally, that my company demands when selecting parties to do business with. He is very detailed and thorough in his efforts. Most importantly, his high personal standards and warm personality are evident when working with him. He would be a big asset to any company seeking a Professional Landman.

    October 8, 2010, Duff was Brett A.'s client

    Julie Chenoweth
    Independent Petroleum Landman at Self employed

    Brett is hands down a professional Land Manager with an extremely knowledgeable grasp of the oil & gas industry. I worked for Brett at Sundance Energy in the southeastern DJ Basin. That project lasted for over a year. He was a pleasure to work with and for, and my only regret is that the job ended and I had to move on. For his leadership capabilities and management...more

    October 5, 2010, Julie was with another company when working with Brett A. at Sundance Energy, Inc.

    Gregory Kastner
    Owner, Kastner Oil Properties, LLC

    Brett is one of the most fair and intelligent people I have had the blessing to work for. Truly a top notch landman.

    Let's do it again!!
    Gregory L. Kastner

    October 5, 2010, Gregory reported to Brett A. at Sundance Energy, Inc.